Record sales of boats are being reported around the world, and enquiries are high. It could be a good time to sell your boat, but it might not last according to the Chairman of the Singapore Boating Industry Association.

However, some boat owners think it is a bad time to sell, that the market has crashed, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Look at these news headlines:
24 July 2020 IBI (International Boating Industry) News:

“Princess Yachts sells nine X95s off-plan with an X80 to follow”

15 July 2020 IBI (International Boating Industry) News:

US boat sales up 59% in May.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) released new data on Wednesday confirming a surge in US boat sales for the month of May.

Headlines from News8 and Newsbreak:

“Boat sales booming as other industries struggle to stay afloat amid pandemic shutdowns”

“Boat dealers, marina managers’ report business is booming during coronavirus shutdown” 

20 July 2020 and Closer to Asia, the Chairman of the Singapore Boating Industry Association, Mr YP Loke, has written this article recently and includes the following comments:

“Many other countries have reported that boat owners have returned to the water in huge numbers after being closeted at home. The claustrophobic effect of a forced lockdown has led to a yearning for open spaces and a human reconnection with nature – boating and watersports certainly deliver on both these fronts.

It is not clear, however, how long this pent-up feeling to embrace the great outdoors will last. But it is a window of opportunity for boating to showcase and promote its healthy outdoor side.”

What this means to you:

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