BASCO provides services in 3 main areas:

Online Boat Auctions

  • Selling your boat but it’s not moving with traditional brokers? Here’s another channel to reach over 500,000 potential buyers and sell your boat fast. No sale, no fee.

Buyer Advisory

  • Finding and buying your boat
    • Hire a BASCO Buyers Broker at no cost to you (co-brokerage)
      • We watch your back to make sure that you get a fair deal
    • Independent and trustworthy advice
  • Boat equity share
    • It’s an opportunity to align your boat ownership with your usage and reduce your operating costs
  • First-time buyer
    • 6-month BASCO Boat Buyers coaching program
    • Negotiation services, appraisal services
    • We can help you navigate the details of boat buying and choosing a vessel that is right for your situation, your family or budget

Technical Services Marketplace

  • Regulatory & Licensing Pre-Inspections Advice
    • Help you through the re-licensing inspection process with a BASCO review inspection and report on what needs to be done
  • Maintenance
    • Creating a maintenance To-Do List for your boat
    • Help keep on top of your maintenance with a BASCO review inspection and quarterly report on what needs to be done
  • Technical Service Provider Finder, providing access to trusted service providers, and quotes