Sell Your Boat

It can often be difficult to sell your boat in Asia. It’s not uncommon for boats to sit on the market for months or years. BASCO provides solutions to common problems faced by boat owners.

If you are looking to

– Triple the number of enquiries in 60-days compared with traditional boat brokerage
– Find an Online Boat Buying And Selling platform (BOBBAS) an with low transaction fees
– Locate advice on optimal pricing of your yacht

Services for boat owners include

– BASCO’s Combination Boat Selling Program
– Free classified listings on BOBBAS
– Online Boat Shows to effectively market and showcase your boat for sale

* BOBBAS is a free membership platform for BASCO clients, boat owners and boat buyers. Please register and complete chatbot form to join.

Triple Boat Sales Enquiries
Access BOBBAS Online
Online Boat Shows