Basco Pte Ltd Team

Keeping BASCO on the Straight and Narrow

We are privileged to have strong support from our BASCO Advisory Board.

We receive guidance and feedback from the Advisory Board on many areas from strategy to how to improve our services and what type of services boaters are looking for. All of our members have many years of boating experience, including the buying and selling of boats.

In the coming days and weeks, we’ll give you a preview of some of our Advisory Board Members.

BASCO a global community of partners, boaters and clients.

Our main role is to connect clients and new boaters with service providers, technical partners, dealers, and brokers who can assist them with their boating needs.

 The BASCO team and our BASCO boat advisers have been collectively involved in the marine industry for many years and have gathered a huge amount of knowledge, expertise and experience.

With our large network of relationships across the globe and by using an innovative approach to leisure boat buying and selling, as well as providing expert personalised advice, our goal is to help clients create the lifestyle they desire by getting the most from their boat’s.

BASCO Trusted Resource for boat owners in Asia.

Meet William & Dione Schick

Thirty years ago, there was a newly-qualified marine mechanic called William Schick, who decided to enter into business with his partner, Dione. With very little formal training but armed with a relentless enthusiasm for the boating industry, they weathered it all; through good times and tough times.

After moving to Singapore and more than a decade as a sales director, yacht broker and general senior specialist, William with many a grey hair, began to feel a little tired. Sure, part of it was the hard graft and long work weeks, but it went deeper. Something about the traditional ‘dealership’ boating model irked him; he was growing tired. William resigned from his high-level post and took time off to reflect on the industry, its function, and his place within it.

It was time for a change.

Enter BASCO, The Boat Advisory Services Co.

BASCO is William’s answer to certain issues within the boating industry, and is set to change the way people buy, sell and maintain luxury boats across Singapore and greater Asia.

Fundamentally, BASCO is about taking things back to basics: quality products with honest, reliable service. It is built on the unshakeable foundations of William, Dione and the rest of the team’s experience and expertise.

William proceeded to put together a diverse team from across the globe. They are technical, personal and experienced yacht advisers who aim to provide the boating community with personalised advice, while at the same time connecting clients and new boaters with dealers, brokers,suppliers and contractors to suit individual requirements and to assist them with their boating needs.

That is what they do; what BASCO does. Trusted and independent advice that takes risk and uncertainty out of owing a boat in Asia.