BASCO specialises in getting clients who are new to boating, or wish to be in boating, to the sea.

Quite simply, it’s our mission and why BASCO was created: to help you achieve your boating goals and dreams by helping you create the lifestyle you desire. Get the most from your boat and live life the way you want to by using an innovative approach to leisure boat buying, selling and sharing. BASCO provides expert advice and aims to be the boat advisory firm of choice in assisting clients who are new to boating not only in Asia but anywhere.

Our services for clients who are new to boating include:

  • Free no obligation meeting and consultation to progress your plans for boat ownership
  • Save money using BASCO Buyers Broker at no cost to you (co-brokerage)
    • We are watching your back to make sure you get a fair deal
  • Try our 6-month “Buy My First Boat” coaching service to help you identify exactly the right type of boat for your situation
    • Identify your goals and objectives
    • Independent expertise at your fingertips to guide you every step of the way
    • An expert to bounce your ideas off of as you make your journey to boat ownership
  • Once you have found your ideal boat, we can assist you with our “Should I Buy This Boat?” service
  • Tax and ownership options
  • Boat financing and registration
  • Insurance and survey
  • Ask questions with our – “Ask a BASCO Boat Adviser” service

At BASCO we offer trustworthy, independent advice to achieve your boating goals

If you would like to find out more, contact us or book a free no obligation consultation to progress your plans for boat ownership or boat sharing.

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