Christmas is around the corner.

Once again, it’s that time of the year when boat lovers get in a rush to buy their dream boats or lament that they have left it too late!

If you’re thinking of buying a new or nearly new boat this Christmas, perhaps you should consider this Horizon E56  that’s for sale by Online Boat Auction shortly.

This boat may be what you need as the ultimate Christmas gift. It’s in very good condition; nearly new because it’s hardly been used.

It’s never been slept in; the boat has only been anchored twice and the galley has never been cooked in.

Everything remains intact and almost brand new!

This boat for sale has a very low engine running hours, at less than 220 hours.

This is remarkable for a boat of this age, it’s nearly new!

2014 Horizon E56

Flybridge – 2014 Horizon E56

Considering the reputation and quality of the Horizon E56, whoever becomes the lucky owner will be getting genuine boat buying value.

So, what’s it with this particular 2014 Horizon E56 Boat?

What makes it so interesting and such a good deal to invest your hard-earned money?

So how good is this boat that may be the perfect Christmas gift for enthusiastic boat lovers?

From the sporty and beautiful presentation and design to the quality engineering, and down to the excellent use of onboard space, makes this 2014 Horizon E56 boat one of the most luxurious boats, the truth is; the reasons are plenty because there are so many things you’ll love about the boat for sale.

Seeing is believing, so let’s see for ourselves!


The Horizon E56 Boat at a Glance

The Horizon Elegance range of boats contains several exquisite boat models.

The E56 is a worthy member of this collection and truly is in a class of its own.

Although it appears to have a small and compact outlook, this Horizon boat for sale is nothing short of striking, elegant and luxurious.


2014 Horizon E56

2014 Horizon E56


Horizon E56 Boat for Sale Exterior Outlook

The exterior has a kind of streamlined and refined profile.

It is beautifully presented and has a rather playful and sporty nature.

The E56 is a clear testimony of boat design excellence.

You could see this from the swept-back lines that run from the front windscreen and going across the flybridge.

This helps the boat make proper use of its vertical volume in a way that still doesn’t make it seem disproportionately high as can be seen in other similar high-volume vessels within this size range.


Interior Outlook of the 2014 Horizon E56 Boat

The 15-foot and the 9-inch beam was put to good use.

The boat has an amidships master stateroom, a walk-around berth, and enough private room space.

Each time you find yourself hanging out onboard the E56, you’ll be more than thankful for the enviable and excellent use of space.

Modern boat and yacht designs often strive to make the most of available natural light. This Horizon E56 boat for sale didn’t fail in this regard and may have even lifted the bar a notch higher.

Worthy of note is the large overhead portlights. These large overhead light sources are architecturally designed as your windows to the world.

For accommodation, the boat has a three-cabin layout with a master, a VIP and a double berth. There are also 2 bathrooms and two heads.


  • Master Cabin of the Horizon E56 Boat for Sale

The E56 is like the baby of the Horizon Elegance fleet.

Fortunately, that is not enough reason for a compromise as regards space! We have in here a very appealing master cabin.

In here, we have a sprawling king-sized bed that has never been slept on, readily waiting to be put to use.

Cabin 2014 Horizon E56

Master Cabin – 2014 Horizon E56

The space within here has a kind of warm and contemporary tone.

The oversized portlights here continue to provide natural light.

This is though augmented by artificial backlighting provided by the overhead pelmet.

The room has enough storage space and you’ll never have to leave any item lying around or on the floor.

The master ensuite runs up the starboard side wall with the spacious shower cubicle situated at the far end of the room.

  • Horizon E56 Boat Saloon Overview

You’ll most definitely like the saloon of the Horizon E56.

Most people who own the E56 often find this to be their favorite section among the various living spaces within the boat.

The saloon has a kind of flooded-light theme.

You’ll also love the inclusive use of colours among other things. There is an L-shaped lounger enough to sit four people, right in front of another two/three settee with coffee table.

You can as well enjoy games or movies on a large well-appointed Samsung TV.


  • Galley of the 2014 Horizon E56 Boat for Sale

The Horizon E56 boat has its galley forward of the saloon.

The galley space features wide windows along with overhead skylights that provide ample light into the room.

You have at your disposal a series of food preparation surfaces.

The galley is stocked with quality appliances from the likes of Siemens.

2014 Horizon E56

Galley of 2014 Horizon E56

Along with a breakfast bar, the galley has multiple storage cabinets, a refrigerator, a stove and a multi-function oven that incorporates a microwave oven and an oven.


  • Entertainment area of the Horizon E56 Boat

The Horizon E56 boat for sale has an outdoor entertainment center.

The alfresco option of this boat is split between the aft cockpit situated on the living deck and then a dining and barbecue center up on the flybridge.

Flybridge - 2014 Horizon E56

The lower deck is simple, clean, and comfortable and has a neat layout.

There is a plush lounger and a large table. The entertainment area also has a large freezer for all your entertainment needs.

There is also a hydraulic swim platform which happens to be a great feature for launching your tender and lounging in the sun.

2014 Horizon E56


  • Engine & Power Specifications of the E56 Boat

Twin C9 Caterpillar engines provide power for the Horizon E56 boat.

The boat has an engine room which many have described as having a class-leading layout.

Engine - 2014 Horizon E56

Engine – 2014 Horizon E56


  • General Data & Technical Specifications of the Horizon E56

    • Builder:Horizon
    • Model:Horizon E56
    • Boat Type:Cruiser
    • Year:2014
    • LOA:55’6″
    • Draft:4’9″
    • Beam:15’9″
    • Standard Power:2/C9 Caterpillar
    • Cruise speed: approx. 23 knots
    • Top speed: approx. 28 knots


Buying the “Nearly New” 2014 Horizon E56 Boat for Sale

The Horizon E56 boat for sale is just one of the various nearly new or exceptionally low-hours boats we have up for grabs at the Online Boat Auction.

Our “nearly new” collection of boats contains boats that are presented in an almost brand-new condition.

These boats have hardly been used by their owners and still have their new boat smell!

This Horizon boat for sale, for example, has never been slept in, and the galley has never been cooked in.

The boat has only been anchored twice and the boats in this collection have low running hours. They offer good value for money.

The Horizon E56 boat for sale, along with other boats in our “nearly new” collection will be in the December 2018 Online Boat Auction which starts soon!

It could be yours if you act fast and enquire today.

2014 Horizon E56 is part of our ‘Nearly New Collection’ of boats for sale. You can check out our Nearly New Collection of Boats for Sale here!

Nearly New Collection of Boats for Sale


You can contact us at BASCO Boat Advisory Services for more information.


Cheers to your success!