There are a lot of reasons that will endear you to the Gulf Craft Silvercraft 40.

Being the second largest in a long line of powerful boats from the reputable Gulf Craft, the Silvercraft fleet was designed to fill the market for fishing, family, and leisure cruising.

Looking at the performance of this fleet, the Silvercraft 40 particularly does justice to that effect.

It is one boat that has earned applause from various sections of the boating industry for its design, layout, and luxury features.

And now that we have a Silvercraft 40 boat for sale by Online Boat Auction, the opportunity is now within your reach should you desire to have one of these to yourself.


A Brief Overview of the Silvercraft fleet of Gulf Craft Boats

Gulf Crafts has created a name in the boating industry from years of manufacturing family-centered boats.

Within this range of family boats, the Silvercraft 40 is the second largest.

The layouts, as well as the design of the boat, are both tailored to offer the best of leisure cruising and family fishing without compromise.

There is a salon and galley under a hard top that provides easy access to the waters via a rear platform.

The boat stays true to its design and expectations as a sophisticated sports cruiser perfectly idea for fishing and leisure for the family.

The design is such that you still have ample space for fishing and sun on the open deck.

Silvercraft 40s also have optional canopy features. There is the main galley below the deck and a smaller kitchenette and sink situated in rear positions above the deck.

The boat has two cabins below the deck which can easily be expanded into 3.


Gulf Craft Silvercraft 40 - Galley

Gulf Craft Silvercraft 40 “OCEAN 8” – Galley with Single Burner Electric Stove, Fridge, and Double Sink


The sophistication for a boat of this size is quite marvelous and awesome. The boat for sale measures 40 feet as overall length with a beam length of 3.8m and draft at 0.7m.

It has a fuel capacity of 950 litres as well along with 190 litres of water holding capacity.

The Silvercraft perfectly embodies comfort, luxury, and performance, all of which have become synonymous with this masterpiece from the reputable manufacturer.


An Overview of the Silvercraft Fleet of Gulf Craft

The Silvercraft fleet of boats has been able to leverage the innovation and superior quality of the Gulf Craft brand to design magnificent boats that have not only thrived but has done more than enough to exceed customer’s expectations.

Of the different models from this boat builder, the Silvercraft line particularly has excelled for a number of reasons. Most of these have to do with the advanced hull designs, to the superior performance output, and down to the evolving styles of the fleet.

It’s amazing how this Silvercraft boat for exemplifies everything you’ll basically need in a boat of its size range.

Building on their age-long powerboat racing heritage, Gulf Craft has developed over time to become one of the leaders among fiberglass powerboat builders the world over.

Each new boat model is not just carefully designed but also subjected to rigorous tests before their eventual introduction to a highly anticipating audience.

In meeting the needs of customers, Gulf Craft infuses latest technology advancements in a way that still meets international design standards.

As a valid proof, the Silvercraft 40 remains a testament to the excellence of this line of boats from a seasoned builder.


2016 Gulf Craft Silvercraft 40 Boat for Sale

We have a 2016 Silvercraft 40 boat for sale, available for Online Boat Auction.

 Gulf Craft Silvercraft 40 "Ocean 8"

Gulf Craft Silvercraft 40 “Ocean 8”

To make bids and express your interest to buy this amazing family boat for yourself, you’ll need to register to tender your bids.

Auction commences on Friday, November 2nd through to Wednesday 7th. Ordinarily, the Silvercraft 40 would make a good buy for anyone but this particular boat has more than just the signature features, offering you even more value on an already excellent boat.

First off, the boat has not been put to so much use so it still has a lengthy number of useful and enjoyable cruising years ahead. This Silvercraft 40 boat for sale has only been used as a demo boat for a Malaysian boat dealer over a period of time.

It then implies that you should expect something of high quality, intact, and kept at an almost brand new condition. Aside from this, the boat also comes with Seakeeper Gyro 3 already fitted. It’s more than a bargain already.


Seakeeper Gyro 3: Fun Boating Without Sea Sickness

The Seakeeper is a computer-controlled gyroscope which has been known to effectively eliminate most boat roll, ultimately eliminating all of the anxiety, fatigue, seasickness that comes with this.

As a valuable advantage, the Seakeeper 3 costs quite a significant amount of money.

Although this has kind of increased the cost and value of this boat for sale, it still represents a great deal of advantages for the special lucky owner when it eventually gets sold.

Gulf Craft Silvercraft 40 - Seakeeper Gyro 3 Fitted

Gulf Craft Silvercraft 40 – Seakeeper Gyro 3 Fitted


The Seakeeper is designed to help eliminate boat roll boats from 30 feet upward. The system requires just a modest electrical power and has now outside appendages.

Hence, it can be installed anywhere necessary. It is quite practical and modern in its design and operation.

With a computerized technology and vacuum technology, this anti-roll gyro ensures your boating periods remain as fun as they can possibly get.

Everything gets better with the Seakeeper Gyro 3.

The system has at its centre, a flywheel that spins at speeds up to about 9,700 rpm inside a vacuum encapsulation. When the boat rolls, the gyro precesses, tilting aft and fore.

A powerful gyroscopic torque is then produced that counteracts the boat roll. The Seakeeper Gyro 3 fitted on this particular Silvercraft boat for sale is a small thing, yet its advantages are quite huge and significant.


Silvercraft Boat for Sale: Other Technical Specifications

The Silvercraft 40 boat is carefully and masterfully designed.

With an LOA of 12.20m, it has a beam and draft length of 3.80m and 0.7m respectively. It has a displacement of 6800kgs and is powered by twin Yamaha 300hp engines.

It also has four stroke outboard engines, an 11kw Onan Genset, hydraulic steering, and a water and fuel capacity of 190, and 950 litres respectively.


Gulf Craft Silvercraft 40

Gulf Craft Silvercraft 40 – Powered by Twin Yamaha 300HP Engines


The boat features two cabins, open deck, rear fishing and diving deck, and a gallery with a stove, fridge, and double sink.

There’s also a 48,000 BTU air conditioning system, Raymarine dragonfly 4GPS/Fish Finder, a transom shower, and an electric bilge pump.

All of these make the Silvercraft 40 a highly esteemed boat among boating enthusiasts and industry experts.


Gulf Craft Silvercraft 40 - Cabin

Gulf Craft Silvercraft 40 – Cabin


Buying the Silvercraft Boat for Sale

With the boat in a very excellent interior and exterior condition, it will no doubt be a highly valuable investment for who gets to walk away with this beauty.

This excellent stack of features and technical specifications along with the excellent state of the vessel, and then the valuable installation of the Seakeeper Gyro 3 makes it even more appealing.

If you’d like to be the lucky owner of this Silvercraft 40 boat for sale, you can take your chance by registering and signing up so you can tender your bid.

The vessel goes on Online Boat Auction in the coming days. If you’d like to own this, right at this moment, the chance is all yours for the taking.