Whether you would be buying a cruiser boat that has been used previously or one in its newly-manufactured state, you’ll want this to be everything you want in your perfect boat.

You probably have heard about the notoriety of used car salesmen. The marine industry is in many ways similar to that as well.

But, relax!

For first-time boat buyers, there needs to be an extra level of care and attention given to the buying process.

Those who have owned and sailed several boats often forget this reality.

With their experience, some still get ‘taken for a ride’ while trying to buy a boat.

We’ll be discussing those important things that would help you in making sense out of your cruiser boat purchase.

But before then, let’s have a brief look at this special class of boats.


What are Cruiser Boats?

Wikipedia described cruiser boats as a special type of powerboat with onboard accommodation for the owners as well as guests.

Cruiser boats are designed for overnight stays and are suitable for those planning to live aboard their craft.

These boats have almost all of the comforts of a modern home.

They come equipped with a galley, a head, and at the very least, a berth.

They come with heating and air conditioning systems, power generators, and a few other amenities you’ll find in a modern home.

Cruiser boats range in size mostly from 25ft to about 45ft. They have most of the amenities of larger yachts. Compared to yachts, they cost significantly less and are operable by the owner rather than a special crew.

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2008 Riviera 4400 Sports Boat

2008 Riviera 4400 Sports Boat


The 3 Steps Involved In Buying a Boat

In our article on “How to Buy a Boat in 3 Stages”, we discussed in detail the processes that would make your boat purchase a trouble-free one.

These processes include the decision-making phase, the deciphering stage, and then the buying stage.

This became necessary due to the sheer number of boaters who were unable to find enough concise boating resources in one place, to shape their boat buying decisions for optimum boat buying experiences.

All of the things discussed in that article will still apply to buying a cruiser boat as well.

In the lines below, we’ll be discussing some of those things you’ll need to specifically consider if you’ll like to buy a cruiser boat anytime soon.


Things You Should Know Before Buying a Cruiser Boat

Buying a boat is a major decision.

It makes sense to plan everything carefully along the way from the decision-making phase to the actual buying stage.

If you’ll be buying a cruiser boat, check out these tips below to make your boat buying and boat owning experience a happy and satisfactory one.


1. First-time buyers should avoid fixer-uppers

It’s not uncommon to see boaters buying used boats that will need extensive repairs and reconstruction.

These boats come at a far lower price compared to brand new ones.

As it turns out, they may not be the best choice for you especially if this will be your first time buying a cruiser boat.

As a boat owner, you want to spend your time enjoying your purchase.

It doesn’t make sense if most of the time will have to be spent working on your boat.

New boats, on the other hand, are quite expensive.

You’ll also probably have to wait a long time to get your order delivered. The major advantage here is that you’ll expect to get your boat in an excellent working condition.


2. Consider boat type and size

Granted that you already know the type of boat you’ll be buying – which in this case is a cruiser boat, you’ll still have to consider a few other things that will determine the particular type of boat will mostly suit your lifestyle.

One important part of this is size. Your choice of size will have to depend on how many people you’ll mostly have onboard your boat.

And then, the features.  This too needs to be properly considered.

Fortunately, you’ll always find cruising boats with excellent features and specifications you’ll like. Some of these cruising boats can easily pass for a luxury yacht.

Check thoroughly to see if the boat of your choice has enough features and amenities you’ll need for your time onboard.


3. Consider your budget and financing options

You can’t just head over to the market without having a clear budget limit within which you’d operate.

If you won’t be paying cash, it’s also better to have a financing option in place.

The cost of your purchase will depend on a lot of things.

Some of these include the size as well as the features and specifications. The more you want, the more you’ll have to pay.

New boats have become more expensive due to the rising costs of production.


4. Running and maintenance costs

Aside from the purchase cost of your boat, you should also be prepared to handle the running and maintenance costs as well.

Mooring, fuel, and other maintenance costs will come with your regular use of the boat.

Don’t forget to factor in the costs of maintenance all through your decision-making process.

A rule of thumb is that maintenance will cost you an average of 10% of the whole amount it cost you to buy your boat, but you can calculate this more accurately without boat buying costs worksheet, just contact us for a copy of this.

Will there be room for this in your budget?

These are some of those things you’ll figure out when you’re at the point of buying a cruiser boat of your dream.


5. Conduct a survey or sea trial

Don’t forget some other important things.

You’ll need some or all of a survey, walk-around, and/or sea trial before you splash the cash.

It will only cost you a little to find a surveyor to ascertain the condition and value of the boat.

You may also need a sea trial to experience how the boat works as well.

All of these will help you to either bolster your confidence in the boat you’re about to buy or perhaps expose some of the flaws and issues you may have to otherwise deal with in the long run.


6. Close the deal

Once you’ve found the boat of your dreams and are sure it’s the right fit for you, you can then take the plunge and close the deal.

You’ll need to be at your best to negotiate a good price for your purchase.

Be sure to ask if there are outstanding liens or bills on the boat too, especially if it is kept at a marina.

You’ll also have to take care of all the legalities and then complete the paperwork



Buying a cruiser boat is a great way to enjoy the boating lifestyle.

You can sail with friends on your local waters.

If you want something more, you can even sail away and enjoy the weekend in your favorite spot, beyond your current waters.

The cockpit will usually have enough space and the passengers can easily get to enjoy amazing views of the sea while sailing away to the chosen destination.

It’s a whole lot of fun if you get a hold on a good one.

It just happens that many people end up with the wrong boat due to either being uninformed or misinformed.

It doesn’t hurt to talk with an expert to help with your boat decisions.

If you need to speak with a credible and reliable, independent professional, don’t hesitate to contact us at BASCO Boat Advisory Services.

At BASCO we provide independent and trusted advice that takes risk and uncertainty out of boat ownership.

We are well experienced to help you make sense of your boat purchasing process so you can end up a happy and fulfilled boater.

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2008 Riviera 4400 Sports Boat

2008 Riviera 4400 Sports Boat