Boat Sale Trends Amid Covid-19

You Have 60 Minutes to Spare in Calculating Boat Buying Costs, What Do You, the First-Time Boater, Do?

Here's a quick story about the time that we sent out a survey, with one simple question to our boating community, and what you can learn from it. Some short background first — we do like to get on-the-ground questions and feedback from our first-time boating community (and new to Asia boaters) about their key challenges and questions when [...]

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3 Game Changers to Selling Your Boat Post Covid-19

Amidst the uncertainty of selling your boat in 2020, here are 3 game-changers to the way boats will be sold going forward. Of these changes, some have been apparent in the market for a while, but some may not have been noticeable. An advance warning — If you’re a boat owner, one or two of them may be in the [...]

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[Part 4] How to Buy a Boat

[Part 3] How to Buy a Boat

[Part 2] How to Buy a Boat

[Part 1] How to Buy a Boat

Boat Sellers — Covid-19 Are You In or Out of the Boat Sale Market?

It’s a challenging time for us all at the moment. And while some may say boats are a first-world problem, it can be a confusing and troubling time for boat owners who may be confused about whether or not to sell their boats, or what to do with them. And understandably so. Boat owners that we’re currently helping generate [...]

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Buying and Selling Boats Online. The 3 Things I Learned in the First 60-Days to a Highly Paid Yacht Adviser

It struck me like a lightning bolt! Well, eventually it did, as I wasn’t a yacht broker, so it initially passed me by. Because if I’m to be completely honest about it, I certainly didn’t want to be a yacht broker, given the rather dismal reputation salespeople have. In the 2019 Forbes ‘Least Trusted Professions Index’ it cites car [...]

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Couples Sessions — Boat Brokers Do That??

We’ve recently held our first couple’s workshop, designed to get partners aligned with the boat ownership conversation. Let me tell you the back story of how this got started and made such a big difference for one ‘boat decider’ who had been wondering and thinking about buying a boat for more than 10 years. It all started with an [...]

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