Christmas is upon us once again.

Santas are popping up on storefronts and high streets are now bustling.

The season means a lot to different people but for us and the folks in the boating world, the season may as well be the best time to get the boat of our dreams.

What a more perfect gift can Santa really give you than that beautiful and elegant boat you’ve always dreamed of?

Well, if you’re thinking of buying a boat this holiday period, why not think of buying a ‘nearly new’ boat?

You’ll want to get yourself armed with the right pieces of information.

So, what are your options if you really want to buy a boat in Asia for the year-end holiday season?


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Nearly New Collection of Boats for Sale


Should You Buy a New or Used Boat?

Now, this is the million dollar question a lot of people often find very difficult to answer.

Should you buy a brand-new boat, or should you find a nice-quality hardly used or a second-hand boat for sale?

Whatever you conclude to do should be after careful consideration of several things.

We’ll examine each of both cases below to critically examine and decide which suits your situation most.

But before that, is this really the best time to buy a nearly new boat?


When is the Best Time to Buy a New Boat?

Buying a new boat is an exciting decision to make, but it often takes a long time from decision to delivery.

You may find a new boat ‘on hand’ at a dealer, but often, you’ll want to order your own boat from the factory.

This, in turn, takes quite some months (and sometimes years) for a new boat to be scheduled into production, built and shipped.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best deal, the month of December presents you one of the best chances for great deals on your boat purchase, with both new boats if a dealer has been sitting on stock for a while or finding a high quality “nearly new” boat.

Anywhere from mid-December till mid-January will most likely bring you the best bargain on your boat buys whether new or used.

You’ll understand what we’re saying when our December 2018 “nearly new” collection of boats goes on sale during the next Online Boat Auction.

For us at BASCO Boat Advisory Services, Santa is here already so you can all grab your deals now!


Buying a New Boat in Asia for Christmas

For your perfect Christmas gift, you can decide to spoil yourself with a brand new boat.

If you want to do this, there are enough advantages as well as things to think about.

For one, you can decide what you want in your new boat, starting from the layout, your choice of upholstery, options, specifications, size, to a range of other technical and design options.

Your boat will come with a warranty and you can expect everything to be in a perfect “brand new” state.

However, these brand-new boats are usually way more expensive than “nearly new” or used ones.


2014 Horizon E56

Galley of ‘Nearly New’ 2014 Horizon E56


They also depreciate faster as well. And you’ll generally have warranty issues that may take time away from your summer holiday to resolve.

Also, unless you are happy to take what the dealer has in stock (and may have had in stock since the last boat show, or longer), it will take some time from order to delivery.

You should get it in time for next Christmas, so forward planning is always advisable for a new boat from the factory.

But if you are one of the “new or nothing” group, then, you most definitely would want to go for a new one.

Otherwise, a pre-owned or used boat may mean better value and faster delivery although it also has its own disadvantages.


Buying a Used Boat for Sale in Asia PLUS a Holiday

You can also find your choice from several used boats for sale from many of Asia’s boat dealers.

These cost significantly less and may have a better resale value than brand new boats.

Unlike with new boats where you may have to wait for up to a year before your boat gets built, shipped, and delivered, you can easily sail away on your tropical holiday in Asia with your “nearly new” boat shortly after purchase.

Although you will have to adapt to a predefined design and specification, you can always check out different boats until you find your best fit.

The problem with buying a used boat for sale has more to do with quality. You really don’t want to buy another person’s problem. You want to buy a vessel that will give you the much-needed enjoyment and peace of mind, especially at year-end and holiday time!

You want something with reliability and value that will justify the investment of your hard-earned cash, that’s why quality matters and that’s why you should buy from only credible dealers and outlets.

But wait, there’s more;

You really do not have to fret and sweat yourself out on deciding whether you should buy a new or used boat for sale.

It’s Christmas around the corner and here at BASCO we’re offering you that special benefit of enjoying both worlds.

Who says you can’t eat your cake and have it? In our December lineup of boats for sale by Online Boat Auction, BASCO is offering boat lovers a “nearly new” boat collection that is up for grabs this holiday period.


Previous 2017 Azimut 43 Magellano

Saloon of ‘Nearly New’ 2017 Azimut 43 Magellano


Here is how this works;

BASCO Boats “Nearly New” Boats for Sale

If you want value for your money like most other people, then this collection of boats in a nearly new condition may as well be your gift from Santa Claus himself.

The nearly new collection is a range of boats which although are not brand new, have been rarely used, and have been kept in almost brand-new condition and with very low hours.

So, while you’ll expect almost everything to still sparkle and work as if they are new, you won’t have to pay the same high price like you would have paid should you be buying them straight out of the boatyard.

These boats are available already so there’s nothing you holding you back from cruising your boat straight away after purchase.

This nearly new collection with boats such as the 2017 Azimut 43’ Magellano and the 2014 Horizon E56 Boat that’s hardly been touched, among others still looking as though they are brand new.

The Horizon E56, for instance, has never been slept in. The anchors have never been dropped and the kitchen has never been used, even for once.


2014 Horizon E56

2014 Horizon E56


It’s a similar story for the 2017 Azimut 43’ Magellano.

These boats have very low running hours and will easily be mistaken for brand new if the secret is not revealed.


Azimut 43 Magellano Boat for Sale

2017 Azimut 43 Magellano

Buying a Nearly New Boat for Sale in Asia

Your perfect boat buying Christmas can’t get better than this.

You get to buy these almost brand-new boats at genuine boat buying value at the Online Boat Auction starting soon.

These boats will go on sale for the December 2018 Online Boat Auction.

Right here is your opportunity to own one of these.

You sure know it will only spend a limited time at Online Boat Auction, so you’ll need all your smartness and good fortunes and hopefully, then it will be yours.

Once bought, you can enjoy the holiday season in the Asian tropics reveling in the purchase of your new dream come true.

Then, you can either ship or sail your boat back to your destination after the holiday; whether Australia or elsewhere or simply leave it in Asia like many people often do.

Fly in and Fly out for your next Asian tropical ‘fix’.  If you always wanted to schedule a holiday in the tropics, then this is your opportunity to buy a nearly new boat in Asia, sail in the tropics for an extended holiday and you’ll certainly have a fun and memorable time before heading back to work.

One of the nearly new boats for sale is located in Kota Kinabalu (KK), Malaysia. Whether you’re an Australian or a boat buyer from anywhere around the world, you’ll have a great deal of fun in KK. Kota Kinabalu is no doubt a great holiday destination.

It would make great sense to vacation here and then take your boat back to Australia or your chosen destination after your Asian holiday.  Imagine that!

So, why settle for a used boat when you can buy a nearly new boat and then link it with a free holiday in the tropics?

There’s so much to be gained and BASCO Boat Advisory Services can help you understand all the logistics as well.

Many of their extremely happy and satisfied clients have done this before, just ask for more details and case studies!

Contact BASCO for more inquiries if you’ll like to find out more about this and exactly when and how our “nearly new” collection of boats for sale in Asia, goes to online boat auction.

You don’t have all the time before the holidays. Act now!

(NOTE: Are you thinking of buying a boat this holiday period? You can check out our ‘Nearly New Collection’ of Boats for Sale here!)

Nearly New Collection of Boats for Sale