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Our mission is to bring boat buyers and boat owners together more quickly and easily, and at a lower cost* with BOBBAS.

Our goal is the largest platform in Asia Pacific for buying and selling boats online with classifieds, offers, buy now prices and online auction bidding.

BOBBAS is a free membership site for BASCO clients, boat owners and boat buyers and you’re welcome to apply and become a client of BASCO to join. It’s free.

* Brokers, dealers and middlemen typically charge 10% to connect buyers and sellers. BOBBAS introduction fees are 2% paid by the buyer and 2% by the seller.

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If you’re searching for a boat for sale, apply here for BASCO’s Online Boat Buying And Selling platform – BOBBAS

Membership benefits include

• Online boat shows
• Classified boats for sale
• Free Search & Find service
• Free access to an independent buyer’s adviser
• Free listings for your boat

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It’s a free service for clients, boat owners and boat buyers

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BASCO’s Boat Buyers Academy

For additional services or if you’re a first-time boat buyer

– Deciding what boat to purchase
– Making offers, handling negotiations and survey
– Maintenance masterclass after taking delivery

Visit our BASCO Boat Buyers Academy for further information

BASCO Boat Buyers Academy

Buying a Boat by Online Boat Auction

Online Boat Auctions are a useful and smart resource when you’re looking for Boats for Sale Singapore.  Genuine value and Quality Boats are Available Every Month.

Boat owners who are genuine and serious about selling their boats register their interest to sell with us.

Here are 3 ways BASCO can help you in your search for a Boat for Sale

We can introduce you to boats that didn’t reach reserve at an Online Boat Auction and are genuinely and seriously for sale.


We have a large audience and database and we can source your desired boat or bring it to an Online Boat Auction for negotiation.


Outside of our Online Boat Auctions, we offer an independent Buyers Advisory Service to help you choose the boat that best suits your needs and your budget.


BOBBAS for Online Boat Auctions

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