Why I Bought a Boat, Even When I Couldn’t Afford It

“I can’t afford a boat and the numbers just don’t stack up!” I was a super busy corporate mum of three kids, we’d become expats and moved to Asia ten years before and I was trying to keep up in my job, keep up with my kid's activities and schooling, keep up with all the bills and payments and [...]

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Why I Became a Boat Broker (When I Was Nothing Like That!)

It was all of a sudden; an unexpectedly redundant, financial crime project director, the sole breadwinner, mother of 3 kids, including one of whom was disabled. Being a fifty-something Ang Mo (white) women in middle management in corporate Singapore was never going to end pretty with an unexpected redundancy with only 4 weeks’ notice and no redundancy payment, after [...]

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Boats for Sale Sitting Around Depreciating, Deteriorating, and What I Decided to Do About It

I was a super busy corporate mum of three kids, we’d become ex-pats and moved to Asia twelve years before and I was trying to keep up in my job, keep up with all the bills and payments and be a great spouse as well as trying to build a new style yacht brokerage business in my “spare” time. [...]

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34 Years of Income Instability and Financial Roll From a Boat Broker’s Wife Perspective

I was a boat broker's wife in small-town New Zealand back in the mid-1990s, with three small children aged 1, 1 and 2 trying to manage the struggling boat dealership we’d owned for 10 years, my three new babies and my tax consultancy practice. I wanted to get some stability around our family income, boat sales were so volatile [...]

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Is the Traditional Boat Brokerage Model Broken?

Let me tell you a quick story about the time I missed my connecting flight and decided to not go home … and what you can learn from it It’s the stuff you dread, rushing into the airport arrivals from a delayed connecting flight and hearing the boarding call for your outbound flight … and missing check-in by 15 [...]

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Been Insulted One Too Many Times on the Road to Selling Your Boat?

Often, it isn’t easy selling your boat. Let me tell you a quick story about a moment where we had to make a split-second decision to stop a boat buyer and seller from walking away… and what you can learn from it. It was late at night around 10 pm and the text messages had been flying all evening. [...]

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Grief and Loss From a Boat Sale Is Real and Time of Life Change Can Be Really Hard

While there are lots of crazy parts to this boat sale story, it’s the speed from the buyer finding the boat, to the offer made, to pending sale is the focus and its impact on the upcoming, inevitable loss — my boat’s going! It had been a busy week at BASCO Boating and was a Wednesday evening. A new [...]

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What Are Trawler Yachts

Trawler yachts, otherwise known as recreational trawlers or expedition yachts, are a class of pleasure boats that looks similar to fishing trawlers. But don’t let their appearance fool you; these boats are yachts and are perfect for cruises or day tours. The primary difference between a typical fishing trawler and a trawler yacht is how the former class of [...]

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How to Sell Your Boat in 3 Steps

2005 Leopard Sailing Catamaran for Sale by Online Marine Auction

This beautiful "Annette" for sale is a stunning 40-foot catamaran launched in the Singaporean waters in 2005. Every inch of its 40 feet is filled with style and elegance, making this 2005 Leopard Sailing Catamaran suitable for private gatherings, and yet if you want a boat for other purposes, this boat is versatile enough to handle that. “Annette” 2005 Leopard [...]

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