Racing Trimaran Yacht for Sale

It’s obvious that the boating industry is fast appreciating the direction of multihulls after years of being ignored and prejudiced. Catamarans are selling today in their thousands as are trimarans. Despite the impressive performance of the catamarans, for some yacht enthusiasts, three hulls are still better than one, or two. We’ll be discussing the 2006 Racing Trimaran currently known [...]

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Buying a Trimaran Yacht

Powerful, versatile, and exciting! There are a lot of reasons why buying a trimaran yacht often excites boat lovers the world over. Some are buoyed by the versatility of these vessels why for some, the secret lies in the performance. Whatever your reason for buying a trimaran sailboat or yacht, it’s no denying that these multihull watercraft come with [...]

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A Comprehensive Guide & Introduction to Trimaran Yachts

Give it up for the multihull sector of the boating industry. Any industry insider will easily see how fast growing that sector currently is. In fact, it is the fastest growing sector if the number of new cruising boat manufacture and sales is anything to go by. Far from the prejudice of the earliest days, multihulls now seem to [...]

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Cruisers Yacht for Sale: 2010 Cruisers Yacht 38 Express Online Boat Auction

  The Cruisers Yacht brand is one that evokes respect and admiration within the circles of ardent boat lovers and longtime boat owners. The manufacturer has been around for well over a century and had started with the popular Thompson boating family manufacturing trend-setting boats down to its acquisition in the early 1990s by KCS International. Till today, cruiser [...]

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Grand Banks for Sale

How to Price Out a Boat Properly and Fairly

Price Out a Boat Properly and Fairly: As the saying goes, “Money makes the world go round”. Well in this case, price (and awareness) is what will make your boat sail off into the sunset. It’s a tricky predicament when pricing your boat: ask too much and you won’t have many people interested but if you ask too little [...]

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The best time to sell your boat

Picture your perfect day out on a boat – it’s highly likely that the sun will be shining brightly and that it’ll be shimmering off the warm calm waters. This idyllic setting usually equates to the summer months: essentially the prime boating season. As a general rule, most prospective buyers start their boat research in the spring in preparation [...]

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Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Boat

Expedition Yacht for Sale? Endless adventures on an Expedition Yacht

Dreaming of an adventure? Then it’s time to find an expedition yacht for sale that can take you anywhere around the world. Life is full of intrigue and mystery just waiting to be discovered around every corner - it's just a matter of trying to find it and being able to reach your ultimate destination. So, is there any [...]

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Tips for Buying a Boat at Online Boat Auction