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How to Price Out a Boat Properly and Fairly

Price Out a Boat Properly and Fairly: As the saying goes, “Money makes the world go round”. Well in this case, price (and awareness) is what will make your boat sail off into the sunset. It’s a tricky predicament when pricing your boat: ask too much and you won’t have many people interested but if you ask too little [...]

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The best time to sell your boat

Picture your perfect day out on a boat – it’s highly likely that the sun will be shining brightly and that it’ll be shimmering off the warm calm waters. This idyllic setting usually equates to the summer months: essentially the prime boating season. As a general rule, most prospective buyers start their boat research in the spring in preparation [...]

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Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Boat

Expedition Yacht for Sale? Endless adventures on an Expedition Yacht

Dreaming of an adventure? Then it’s time to find an expedition yacht for sale that can take you anywhere around the world. Life is full of intrigue and mystery just waiting to be discovered around every corner - it's just a matter of trying to find it and being able to reach your ultimate destination. So, is there any [...]

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Tips for Buying a Boat at Online Boat Auction

How to Pick the Best Charter Yacht for Your Event

There is always a reason to celebrate and you may want to do in ultimate style – aboard a yacht. Whether it’s to celebrate a milestone, a team-building event or a corporate function; the options are vast. It’s just a matter of choosing the right charter vessel to suit your requirements. To help you make the right choice, keep [...]

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How to Clean Your Boat Vinyl

Vinyl tends to be very popular in today's world and can be found pretty much anywhere on a boat; boat seats, interior furnishings, upholstery and so forth. This petroleum-based plastic is popular thanks to its strength and resistance to dirt, soil and water - hence making it a great material to use.  However, boat maintenance always should include cleaning [...]

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4 Awesome Things to Do on a Yacht Charter

Being out on the water opens up a whole new dimension - above and below the surface. So what makes a charter vacation so different?  Here are a few things that make these ‘floating holidays’ stand out: Carte Blanche Essentially, a charter vacation is designed around ‘whatever takes your fancy’. Is it to explore an idyllic island, to snorkel [...]

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What to Bring on Your Ultimate Yacht Charter Vacation

Counting down the days till your upcoming Charter vacation? Well, to make sure you’re ready, it’s best to start planning now. Don’t go overboard as you don’t need to bring everything; the kitchen sink can be left at home. All that is needed are the essentials. Here are some tips as to what to bring: Travel Documents Don’t laugh [...]

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