2014 Horizon E56 Boat for Sale

Buying a Boat in Asia for Christmas

Gulf Craft Silvercraft 40 Boat for Sale by Online Boat Auction

There are a lot of reasons that will endear you to the Gulf Craft Silvercraft 40. Being the second largest in a long line of powerful boats from the reputable Gulf Craft, the Silvercraft fleet was designed to fill the market for fishing, family, and leisure cruising. Looking at the performance of this fleet, the Silvercraft 40 particularly does [...]

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How to Ship Your Yacht or Houseboat Internationally

So you’ve finally found that perfect yacht or houseboat you’d like to buy after a long while? Congratulations! After such a meticulous search, you’ve found your dream yacht, the only problem right now is figuring out how you can get this beauty delivered to your home port. Well, I don’t know what you know about the yacht shipping process [...]

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Houseboat Living: The Challenges of Living on a Houseboat & Other Things You Should Expect

The serenity of life on the waters, the calm and peaceful atmosphere, the thrill of an adventurous and pleasurable lifestyle, all of these and more are some of those things that make houseboat living a thing for many people. But that’s not all; beyond the thrill, beyond the pleasures, beyond all of the advantages, lays the many hidden challenges. [...]

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Everything You Should Know About Berthing a Houseboat in Asia

Yachts and houseboats have gone past those days when they were strictly seen as pleasure crafts. Today, a lot of people fantasize or are already living their dream lives aboard houseboats and yachts. Though North America and Europe still have the largest shares in global sales, the market in Asia has seen a seen a steady rise in recent [...]

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Houseboat Living: Examining Houseboat Design Choices & Functionality

What could be more adventurous than occasional beach holidays and vacations on the water? Perhaps living on a houseboat full time is. This type of lifestyle comes with great expectations, lots of fun, as well as a few challenges. If you’re contemplating buying one of the various houseboats for sale to begin life on the waters, then you’ll need [...]

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Living on a Houseboat vs Living in a Regular House

While most people would usually head out to the waters for holidays, seasonal fun and enjoyment, some people prefer to make life on the waterways a lifestyle. If you’re one of those who dreams of making the waterways your permanent place of residence anytime soon, you’ll probably want to know the most important lifestyle changes you should anticipate. Owning [...]

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Houseboat Living Cost and Expenses

What’s It like Living on a Houseboat?

There’s a whole lot that comes with living on the waters. Houseboats offer residents a kind of lifestyle which is unlike any other. Here at BASCO Boat Advisory Services, we’ll be answering all of the questions you may have as regards buying a houseboat and living on a houseboat. A houseboat can mean different things to different people. Most [...]

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