Anti-Money Laundering Classes & the Leisure Boat Industry

Let me tell you a quick story about a special Professor I had in Anti-Money Laundering classes who taught me something important about the leisure boat industry… and what you can learn from it I had never been first-in-class in my life before. At school, I was always a solid student, got slightly above average grades, but I always [...]

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Does Your Boat Need Work? Is an As-Is-Where-Is Boat Sale What You’re Looking For?

We’ve had a surprising number of boat owners contact us in the last couple of months with boats that need work and for a number of reasons, an As-Is-Where-Is boat sale is something they’re keen to explore. Take Leonard for example, he’s an expatriate owner of a 40’ Flybridge boat with two damaged engines. The boat is around 10 [...]

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My Boat’s Been on the Market for 2.5 Years With a Broker and No Offers, I’ve No Idea What My Boat’s Worth

Let me tell you a quick story about a call I had today, with a potential client … and if you’re thinking of selling your boat, what you can learn from it. I had two discovery calls booked with boat owners this week. This was on top of another call late last week.  Today was exciting and interesting. And [...]

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How to Sell Your Boat for Top Dollar… Even If You’ve Tried to Sell Your Boat Before and Failed!

Today’s quick story is about a boat owner who said: “Just Get Rid of The Boat” who taught me something important… and what you can learn from it. We’ve had a few calls lately from boat owners who are almost at their wits end with trying to sell their boats; frustrated, pulling their hair out and ready to drop [...]

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Pricing Tips When Buying a Horse or Selling a Boat!

When I was a child, I loved horses. So much so, that I had horse ornaments and books from my birthday and Christmas presents.  When I was 10 years old, my mother, just months before she died, showed me the money that she’d been secretly saving up week by week, in a carefully hidden drawer, where it stayed until [...]

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A Boyfriend Walking out vs Success in Selling Your Boat

What a boyfriend walking out and selling your boat at the highest price in the fastest time have in common. Let me tell you a quick story about the time my daughter’s boyfriend walked out on her without any inkling or notice … and what you can learn from it about selling your boat It was mid-afternoon on a [...]

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Would You Walk Away From a USD15,000 Deposit on a Boat Purchase, 2 Days Before Settlement?

Today’s quick story is about a boat buyer we dealt with recently that had me completely perplexed and who taught me something important… and what you can learn from it. It had been a busy week at BASCO Boating and was Wednesday evening. A new enquiry had just come in on a boat we’d been marketing for sale for [...]

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77 Boat Sales Tasks Done by 3pm, Thought I Was Doing Great Until I Saw I Had 102 Tomorrow. Ugggh!

There I was, a newly appointed yacht adviser 4 days into the job trying to figure out how to allocate my time on my boat sales tasks: prospecting tasks, my consultative selling activities, pipeline management and handling all the incoming enquiries. The thing is, at the time I was trying to learn how to make a living as a [...]

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“Just Sell the Boat; I Don’t Want Marketing”

“I Don’t Mind Paying, It’s Just When I Pay, and I Prefer When the Boat is Sold. Isn’t That How It Works?”

Let me tell you a quick story about a time when I felt challenged with the ‘I don’t want to pay until the boat is sold’ comment… and what you can learn from it. It was a pretty normal afternoon at BASCO head office, I was looking out across the marina, the water sparkling in the sunlight. I was [...]

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