Buying and Selling Boats Online. The 3 Things I Learned in the First 60-Days to a Highly Paid Yacht Adviser

It struck me like a lightning bolt! Well, eventually it did, as I wasn’t a yacht broker, so it initially passed me by. Because if I’m to be completely honest about it, I certainly didn’t want to be a yacht broker, given the rather dismal reputation salespeople have. In the 2019 Forbes ‘Least Trusted Professions Index’ it cites car [...]

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Couples Sessions — Boat Brokers Do That??

We’ve recently held our first couple’s workshop, designed to get partners aligned with the boat ownership conversation. Let me tell you the back story of how this got started and made such a big difference for one ‘boat decider’ who had been wondering and thinking about buying a boat for more than 10 years. It all started with an [...]

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Anti-Money Laundering Classes & the Leisure Boat Industry

Let me tell you a quick story about a special Professor I had in Anti-Money Laundering classes who taught me something important about the leisure boat industry… and what you can learn from it I had never been first-in-class in my life before. At school, I was always a solid student, got slightly above average grades, but I always [...]

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Does Your Boat Need Work? Is an As-Is-Where-Is Boat Sale What You’re Looking For?

We’ve had a surprising number of boat owners contact us in the last couple of months with boats that need work and for a number of reasons, an As-Is-Where-Is boat sale is something they’re keen to explore. Take Leonard for example, he’s an expatriate owner of a 40’ Flybridge boat with two damaged engines. The boat is around 10 [...]

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My Boat’s Been on the Market for 2.5 Years With a Broker and No Offers, I’ve No Idea What My Boat’s Worth

Let me tell you a quick story about a call I had today, with a potential client … and if you’re thinking of selling your boat, what you can learn from it. I had two discovery calls booked with boat owners this week. This was on top of another call late last week.  Today was exciting and interesting. And [...]

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How to Sell Your Boat for Top Dollar… Even If You’ve Tried to Sell Your Boat Before and Failed!

Today’s quick story is about a boat owner who said: “Just Get Rid of The Boat” who taught me something important… and what you can learn from it. We’ve had a few calls lately from boat owners who are almost at their wits end with trying to sell their boats; frustrated, pulling their hair out and ready to drop [...]

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Pricing Tips When Buying a Horse or Selling a Boat!

When I was a child, I loved horses. So much so, that I had horse ornaments and books from my birthday and Christmas presents.  When I was 10 years old, my mother, just months before she died, showed me the money that she’d been secretly saving up week by week, in a carefully hidden drawer, where it stayed until [...]

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A Boyfriend Walking out vs Success in Selling Your Boat

What a boyfriend walking out and selling your boat at the highest price in the fastest time have in common. Let me tell you a quick story about the time my daughter’s boyfriend walked out on her without any inkling or notice … and what you can learn from it about selling your boat It was mid-afternoon on a [...]

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Would You Walk Away From a USD15,000 Deposit on a Boat Purchase, 2 Days Before Settlement?

Today’s quick story is about a boat buyer we dealt with recently that had me completely perplexed and who taught me something important… and what you can learn from it. It had been a busy week at BASCO Boating and was Wednesday evening. A new enquiry had just come in on a boat we’d been marketing for sale for [...]

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77 Boat Sales Tasks Done by 3pm, Thought I Was Doing Great Until I Saw I Had 102 Tomorrow. Ugggh!

There I was, a newly appointed yacht adviser 4 days into the job trying to figure out how to allocate my time on my boat sales tasks: prospecting tasks, my consultative selling activities, pipeline management and handling all the incoming enquiries. The thing is, at the time I was trying to learn how to make a living as a [...]

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