Why Cleaning Your Boat Is a Must Before Selling It

It’s rather quite straightforward, if you want to increase the chances of selling your boat then clean it – it isn’t rocket science. If you put the effort into making it shipshape then you can ask top dollar. Essentially, cleaning your boat will make the difference on whether you make, or break a deal. Don’t be fooled into thinking [...]

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How to Make Someone Fall in Love with Your Boat

Never has it been so simple to make someone fall in love … with your boat that is. Here are some tips to help prospective buyers make a commitment. Tip 1: Picture perfect As the saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words’ which is extremely relevant when trying to sell your boat and secure a viewing. Often [...]

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How to Prepare Your Boat Before Sale

So it’s time to sell. You’ve done your homework and determined the best asking price for your vessel and decided on how to sell it. Well done! Now a viewing has been scheduled and it’s time to prepare your boat to ‘seal the deal’! Step 1: Staging As in the real-estate business, a boat also needs some ‘staging’. This [...]

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Selling Price vs Asking Price

Boat Sales Etiquette

What Is the Best Route to Selling a Boat Quickly?

When it is time to sell your boat, there is no doubt that it needs to be done quickly. Easier said than done, right? Boat sellers and brokers tend to make the same mistakes over and over again. Often the boat remains on the market for a lengthy period of time just lying in the marina collecting dust and [...]

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What Can Blow up a Sale?

There is a very good piece of old-fashioned advice when selling a boat: “Never celebrate until the money’s in the bank.” It can be gut-wrenching; particularly for the seller, when a buyer has said “yes”, signed on the dotted line but the boat sale doesn’t complete. It happens surprisingly more often than you might think. Another line in the [...]

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Steps to Buying a Boat at an Online Boat Auction

Buying a boat requires careful planning and often months of research. There are many factors which make the process complicated. Some of them are… Type of boat Size Age Whether Used or New What you want vs What you need Budget Buying the boat of your dreams by online auction can add more complexity to the situation. But the [...]

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Benefits of Buying a Boat through an Online Auction

In a down market with dozens of boats for sale, chancing upon your ideal boat by way of an Online Auction could be a dream come true. An Online Auction is the one way that realises the vessel’s true market value at that moment. The market determines what the price of a boat is at a certain time. In [...]

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Online Boat Auctions versus Traditional Boat Brokerages

It is the large number of vessels sitting on the market for sale, many for a very long time, which prompted BASCO to bring Online Boat Auctions to Asia. The needs of boat owners, particularly those wishing to sell, did not seem to be particularly well served by the traditional boat brokerage model.  Something more effective is needed. Here’s [...]

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