What Are Trawler Yachts

Trawler yachts, otherwise known as recreational trawlers or expedition yachts, are a class of pleasure boats that looks similar to fishing trawlers. But don’t let their appearance fool you; these boats are yachts and are perfect for cruises or day tours. The primary difference between a typical fishing trawler and a trawler yacht is how the former class of [...]

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How to Sell Your Boat in 3 Steps

2005 Leopard Sailing Catamaran for Sale by Online Marine Auction

This beautiful "Annette" for sale is a stunning 40-foot catamaran launched in the Singaporean waters in 2005. Every inch of its 40 feet is filled with style and elegance, making this 2005 Leopard Sailing Catamaran suitable for private gatherings, and yet if you want a boat for other purposes, this boat is versatile enough to handle that. “Annette” 2005 Leopard [...]

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2008 Riviera 4400 Sports Boat for Sale by Online Marine Auction

The 2008 Riviera 4400 Sports boat will shortly be available for sale by online marine auction. BASCO is pleased to present this Riviera which is now for sale due to her owners relocating. Her current owners have had the pleasure of this wonderful family and cruising boat for 7 years. Riviera is a well-known luxury boat manufacturer established 3 [...]

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Everything You Should Know Before Buying a Cruiser Boat

Whether you would be buying a cruiser boat that has been used previously or one in its newly-manufactured state, you’ll want this to be everything you want in your perfect boat. You probably have heard about the notoriety of used car salesmen. The marine industry is in many ways similar to that as well. But, relax! For first-time boat [...]

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Everything You Should Know Before Buying a Trawler Boat

  Trawler boat owners are seen as some of the most experienced boaters in the boating industry. Truth is that there are no statistics to back this up. But over the years, we’ve been privileged to meet a lot of boaters living the trawler boat life. It turned out that many of these boaters have quite impressive cruising experiences. [...]

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How to Buy a Boat – The 3 Stages of the Boat Buying Process

Buying a boat comes with lots of fun and benefits, no doubt! It just happens that many people find the boat buying process scary and complicated. If you ask, a lot of people would like to own a boat. It’s however unfortunate that many of these people don’t even understand where to begin. The process appears quite complex and [...]

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How to Convince Your Significant Other to Buy a Boat this Holiday Season

Once again, we are approaching the tail end of the year. The holiday season is almost here and for most aspiring boat owners, this season represents the best time to buy a boat. It really is! Apart from greatly contributing to the fun and anticipation in the atmosphere, it is the easiest time to get quality boats at lower [...]

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Best Boating Destinations in Asia

You may have heard about how nice it is sailing through the Australian, Pacific or Atlantic waterways. No doubt there is a lot of diverse boating destinations in these places but how about a sailing holiday in Asia? If you do, welcome to Asia! With a coastline of about 62,800km, Asia promises a lot of beautiful beaches and picturesque [...]

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Buying a New Boat vs. a Second-Hand Boat

Hi boat lover! So, you’ve decided to finally get that boat of your dreams, so you can enjoy the boating lifestyle. It’s so good and I understand there’s nothing quite like it. So, would you be buying a new boat or getting a second hand, used boat for sale? “Perhaps you’re still undecided about that dilemma”. It’s quite a [...]

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