How and Where to Sell Your Boat Fast

“Help! I Can’t Sell My Boat.” What Is the Next Step if You Can’t DIY Sell Your Boat?

How many times have you seen a FOR SALE BY OWNER sign on a boat? You can find them in the marina. Signs so bleached and faded from the sun that you can no longer read the phone number. Because the owner has been trying to sell their boat themselves for that long. And behind each of those weary signs is [...]

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Whether You Need an Elite Service to Handle Every Detail or You Want to DIY — We Can Show You How to Sell Your Boat

Do you know the biggest question boat owners have when they are ready to put their boat on the market? It’s how do I sell my boat? Followed by what is the best way to even market a boat? Many boat owners find themselves overwhelmed with when faced with selling their boat. While it is similar to selling a house or a car, selling [...]

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What Does it Cost to Sell Your Boat?

The cost to sell your boat range from free as a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project to paying a boat broker a commission. Boat industry commission rates are about 10% on the sale of a boat. Currently, this fee is more negotiable because boat sales are across borders, sight unseen. This phenomenon means that there may be different services that you pay for [...]

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Singapore-Based Boat Advisory Company BASCO Launches Asia Online Boat Show & Expo

The Expo, for first-time boat buyers, will be accompanied by the Asia Online Boat Show, where businesses and boat owners will showcase their latest brands, boats, and products in virtual booths and exhibition halls BASCO Boating, one of the largest communities of boaters, suppliers, and boat enthusiasts in Asia, has announced the launch of a two-day virtual Boat Buyer [...]

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Window to Sell Your Boat Now – Check Out This Research

Record sales of boats are being reported around the world, and enquiries are high. It could be a good time to sell your boat, but it might not last according to the Chairman of the Singapore Boating Industry Association. However, some boat owners think it is a bad time to sell, that the market has crashed, but nothing could [...]

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Boat Sale Trends Amid Covid-19

You Have 60 Minutes to Spare in Calculating Boat Buying Costs, What Do You, the First-Time Boater, Do?

Here's a quick story about the time that we sent out a survey, with one simple question to our boating community, and what you can learn from it. Some short background first — we do like to get on-the-ground questions and feedback from our first-time boating community (and new to Asia boaters) about their key challenges and questions when [...]

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3 Game Changers to Selling Your Boat Post Covid-19

Amidst the uncertainty of selling your boat in 2020, here are 3 game-changers to the way boats will be sold going forward. Of these changes, some have been apparent in the market for a while, but some may not have been noticeable. An advance warning — If you’re a boat owner, one or two of them may be in the [...]

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[Part 4] The 4 Key Questions Before You Buy a Boat – #4

Reflecting on how much time you will have to use a boat, how engaged your family may be in the boating lifestyle, and considering what this means in terms of a boat buying decision, are all important factors to consider when thinking about whether to buy a boat and if so, what sort of boat! Having an idea of [...]

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