How to Clean Your Boat Vinyl

Vinyl tends to be very popular in today's world and can be found pretty much anywhere on a boat; boat seats, interior furnishings, upholstery and so forth. This petroleum-based plastic is popular thanks to its strength and resistance to dirt, soil and water - hence making it a great material to use.  However, boat maintenance always should include cleaning [...]

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4 Awesome Things to Do on a Yacht Charter

Being out on the water opens up a whole new dimension - above and below the surface. So what makes a charter vacation so different?  Here are a few things that make these ‘floating holidays’ stand out: Carte Blanche Essentially, a charter vacation is designed around ‘whatever takes your fancy’. Is it to explore an idyllic island, to snorkel [...]

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What to Bring on Your Ultimate Yacht Charter Vacation

Counting down the days till your upcoming Charter vacation? Well, to make sure you’re ready, it’s best to start planning now. Don’t go overboard as you don’t need to bring everything; the kitchen sink can be left at home. All that is needed are the essentials. Here are some tips as to what to bring: Travel Documents Don’t laugh [...]

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Sell Your Boat Faster – Turbo Charge Your Offers with an Online Boat Auction

If you’re thinking about how to sell your boat faster and your boat is new to the market, then you might like to consider an Online Boat Auction to sell your boat in a tight market. This might just be the smart sales move you’re looking for. Marketing your boat without a price in any boat market If your [...]

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5 Remarkable Benefits of Yacht Chartering You Should Know

The image of soaking up the sun with a good book in hand, and a cold drink in the other, on your own private yacht, is very appealing! Forking out vast sums of money to own your own boat may not be as attractive. Chartering just may be the perfect solution. Here are a few reasons to start planning [...]

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Chartering a Yacht? 4 Important Tips to Consider

You don’t have to own a boat to enjoy a day out at sea, chartering is an excellent option that can introduce you to the joys of boating, and who knows, might convince you to invest in one of your own. Here are some things to think about before chartering: Budget Quite a crucial point; how much do you [...]

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My Boat Sale Didn’t Reach Reserve at the Online Boat Auction – What’s Next?

Selling a boat faster The potential to Sell your boat faster is one of the appealing features of an Online Boat Auction.  There is a lot of hope and expectation of a faster sale than with the traditional brokerage model.  The online boat auction has a certainty of outcome with market feedback in a 6-8-week fixed time frame. So, [...]

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8 Key Reasons to Engage an Independent Buyer’s Adviser

If you are thinking about buying a boat, it can be tempting to go straight to the boat dealer who is also the seller’s broker or agent. Here are 8 key reasons why you should consider talking to an independent boat adviser before you do anything else. 1. It’s Free Finding yourself an independent agent who will work in [...]

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How to Effectively Paint a Boat Hull

Top 10 Tips to Make Docking Less Stressful for New Boaters

As a novice captain there will be many daunting chapters in boating but none as challenging as docking in a marina, especially if it is chocker block full. Here below are some tips to help you navigate successfully: 1. Speed control Become one with your boat and understand how she handles, especially at bare steerageway. It’s crucial to understand [...]

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