You’d hardly think of a Trawler at the mention of Azimut Yachts, if you were looking for a boat for sale.

The manufacturer debuted its Magellano line in 2009 with mixed reactions.

This is because the manufacturer has always been known for their high-end luxury yachts and cruisers.

When word came that Azimut would be venturing into the Trawler market, a lot of us were not really sure what to expect.

As it turns out, the Magellano line of Azimut boats has proven quite successful.

The Magellano 43 joined the lineup in 2013, although the particular boat under review was manufactured as a 2017 Azimut Magellano 43 model.

It has all of that Italian style and flair you’ll expect from a typical Azimut boat, plus it is a versatile platform if you’re looking for a superb on-the-water experience.


Azimut 43 Magellano Boat for Sale

2017 Azimut 43 Magellano


We’ll be discussing this Azimut Magellano 43 for sale in detail but before that, let’s have a brief look at the whole of Azimut Yachts with emphasis on their history, style, and innovations.

Azimut Yachts: A Brief Overview

Paoli Vitelli founded Azimut Yachts in 1969 while he was still a university student.

The firm started as a boat chartering business known as Azimut Srl. Shortly after making great success as a boat charter and distribution firm, Azimut entered into a joint venture with Amerglass and designed the AZ 43 Bali, a mass-produced fiberglass boat.

That very first boat was an immediate success.

This was followed by a series of boats which also proved quite successful.

The Azimut 105 Falaika was a memorable one.  As of the time of its release, the Falaika was the largest mass-produced fiberglass yacht of the time.

Azimut acquired Benetti in 1985. Benetti was based in Viareggio and had been building boats since 1873.

This acquisition meant Azimut can now build its own boat solely in-house. Without this stride, maybe we wouldn’t be talking about this particular Azimut boat for sale today.

Now that Azimut was producing its own yachts, it was now much easier to choose and define its own style.

The manufacturer would usually build boats with large frameless windows, electric seats, and posh walnut interiors.

It’s safe to say Azimut has revolutionised the boat design and manufacturing industry.

It has carved a niche and has made such a great name for itself in a market where builders are constantly trying to outdo each other.


2017 Azimut 43 Magellano Boat for Sale

Over the years, Azimut has made a name for themselves and has been able to stand out for a number of reasons.

Much like it is with this particular Azimut Magellano boat for sale, most Azimut boats usually feature an elegant design along with an extensive use of fine leather finishing.

The Magellano line, among a host of other Azimut boat models, is made up of three V-drive and twin-engine boats.


2017 Azimut 43' Magellano Engines

Engines 2 x 355 mHP (264 kW) Cummins QSB 6.7 – 2017 Azimut 43 Magellano


The Magellano collection was introduced in 2009 with a 76-footer. This was followed by a 50-footer in 2010 and then the 43-footer in 2013.

The Magellano boat for sale under review here is the 43 footer.

It is available only as a flybridge version, but it still has two helm positions which are very useful, and it is the smallest of the three boats in the collection.

The Azimut Magellano 43 is small but, is still beamy for most of its length.

It allows for three roomy cabins and two heads while still having the same luxury you’ll see in the larger models.


Cabin - 2017 Azimut 43 Magellano

Guest Stateroom – 2017 Azimut 43′ Magellano


Azimut claims it will comfortably accommodate five people on board.

If you’re thinking of buying a boat for you and a few of your friends or family, this boat will perfectly fit the bill.

You could set sail, speeding along at 20 knots or continue sedately at 9 knots over 500 miles.


Azimut 43 Magellano Boat for Sale: Construction & Design Overview

The Magellano 43, much like its two other siblings is distinctly different from some other boats in the Azimut family.

These Magellanos have a plumb bow, a high freeboard, ample beam, and vertical topsides that give them their trawler style look.

Still, the boat has an exterior whose concept and style is quite ultra-modern.

The boat’s underwater profile has also been described as innovative by a lot of experts in the boating industry.

The boat for sale has a hull described as a “dual mode hull”.


Hull 2017 Azimut 43 Magellano

Hull designed by Dixon Yacht Design – 2017 Azimut 43 Magellano


For a 43-footer, the Magellano 43 is quite heavy, which is intentional.

Although this means it would need more horsepower compared to boats of similar size, it will have a more solid and stable ride.

The boat’s hull was made from a vacuum/resin infusion. The process has a lot of advantages.

Two of these include maximizing resin and ultimately, increased hull strength.

The dual mode hull may seem like a fancy name for a semi-displacement hull but it isn’t.

The hull was designed by Dixon Yacht Design, the popular English designer. The design features a deep forefoot and concave forward hull section which is typical of conventional displacement trawlers.

This design makes for a soft and comfortable ride, with the broad bow adding buoyancy forward to reduce pitching motion. Below the waterline, the hull is quite solid.

The deck, house, and topsides are also foam cored to meet industry standards.


Interior Overview of the Azimut Magellano 43 Boat

The interior design of the Azimut 43 is posh and luxurious.

We couldn’t expect any less from a typical Azimut boat.

The designers have done an impressive job of staying true to Azimut’s Italian heritage.

The interior features high-quality leather furnishing.

It also features luxurious cabinetry and wall treatments along with a whole design that had been done with attention to detail.

The wall treatment is foam-backed doing an excellent job of reducing noise coming from the engine or other ambient sources.

There is a stainless-steel handrail which has been thoughtfully installed in strategic places.

The saloon has a primary socialising area that features a U-shaped settee and dining table.

Saloon - 2017 Azimut 43' Magellano

Saloon – 2017 Azimut 43′ Magellano


There’s also low window sills that make for better visibility outside through the smoked glass windows.

This area is very comfortable with enough room to accommodate a stool by the table.

The galley is L-shaped, compact and well placed.


Galley - 2017 Azimut 43' Magellano

Galley – 2017 Azimut 43′ Magellano


It features among others a convection microwave and a three-burner induction cooktop.

The Azimut Magellano 43 boat for sale has two cabins and two heads, all with separate shower compartments.

These areas are tastefully decorated with the same attention as the saloon.

The master has a beamy bow which has made it quite impressive and much wider than regular bow staterooms.

The ensuite has large hull windows and its shower compartment has a raised vanity sink. T

There is the guest stateroom with its twin berths, a hull window, along with decent headroom. You’ll hardly find boats of this size having three cabins.

By making excellent use of the available space, the designers have made the Azimut Magellano 43 a very impressive boat.


Engine & System Overview of the Azimut 43 Boat for Sale

The Magellano 43 is a quite powerful boat.

This boat for sale has an engine that is powered by a twin 355-hp Cummins QSB.

There is a thruster which is pretty much standard.

The engine room has a pretty clean layout that is well executed.


Engine Room - 2017 Azimut 43' Magellano

Engine Room – 2017 Azimut 43′ Magellano


It is accessible through a hatch in the cockpit sole.

There is a 13kw Cummins Onan generator which is more than adequate to provide enough electricity for all the systems.


Azimut Magellano 43 General Data and Technical Specifications

  • Overall length is 13.35m / 43’ 10”
  • The Hull length is 12.96m / 42’ 6”
  • beam length is 4.40m / 14’ 5”
  • Draft (including props at full load) 1.20m
  • Displacement (at full load) 17.6t / 39.24lbs
  • 2 x Cummins QSB 6.7 355 mHP V-Drive
  • Maximum speed (performance test mass) is 22kn
  • Cruising speed (performance test mass) is 17kn
  • Fuel capacity is 1680 litres (443 US Gal)
  • Water capacity is 600 litres (158 US Gal)


This Azimut Magellano for sale offers so much more than other boats in its category.

It doesn’t feel like your typical trawler boat.

Its creative styling and use of space are quite impressive. Whether you’d be doing short trips or going on long-distance cruises, this Magellano 43 boat for sale will make an excellent choice.

2017 Azimut 43′ Magellano is part of our ‘Nearly New Collection’ of boats for sale. You can check out our Nearly New Collection of Boats for Sale here!

Nearly New Collection of Boats for Sale


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