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Asia Featured Boats For Online Auction


16th – 22nd February 2018

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26th – 31st January 2018

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2010 LEOPARD 372

26th – 31st January 2018

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1980 Yacht 34

26th – 31st January 2018

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1960 Steel Motor Yacht 94

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BASCO – We’re a community of boaters – owners, buyers, sellers and service providers.

BASCO’s BoatAssist™ connects new and experienced boaters in Asia with service providers, dealers, brokers and advisers who can assist them with their boating needs.

Online Boat Auctions ~ How to Sell Your Boat

Is Online Boat Auctions suitable for you?

There are two reasons why boats don’t sell: price and awareness. BASCO and Marine Auctions’ marketing process eliminates price as an objection because the vessel is always marketed without a price. Traditional brokers will usually wait for buyers to approach them, with our partnership we focus on generating awareness while you choose the level of marketing activity you require. Obviously with greater awareness, a higher price will be achieved.

We have a range of marketing and awareness building campaigns and will work with you to determine the most appropriate campaign to promote your boat. All extra advertising costs are paid prior to commencing the selected marketing campaign.

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How to Buy at an Online Boat Auction

Quite simply, it’s our mission and why BASCO was created: to help you achieve your boating goals and dreams by helping you create the lifestyle you desire. Get the most from your boat and live life the way you want to by taking advantage of buying online at a great value. Contact us to find out more.

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Technical Services

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Boat Buyers Advisory Services

 We provide a wide range of Boat Buying Advisory & Consultancy Services throughout the Boat Buyers Journey to Boat Ownership:

We can help you with questions such as:

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